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Grand Champ Little Kahuna
Laying with a junior doe
Sunset at Windy Hill Croft

Welcome to Windy Hill Croft!  We live just outside of Sherwood, Oregon, on 8 acres on the edge of the Chehalem Mountains.  We're very passionate about animals and have a special place in our hearts for rabbits, especially lops!  Here at Windy Hill Croft Rabbitry, we believe that loving your rabbits requires learning about them and what it takes to care for these amazing animals!  This means that in order to provide the best care and love to your bunny, you need to have the willingness to educate yourself about them, their unique needs and your bunny's special, one of a kind personality.  My husband and I have made a point of keeping our rabbitry small and quaint.  This allows us to produce quality, healthy and well loved Holland & Mini Lops, as well as Netherland Dwarfs.  Each one of our rabbits gets daily one on one attention and is handled, starting with the day they are born.  We firmly believe that happy bunnies need toys, so we make a point of buying locally handmade organic toys that are healthy and fun for the rabbits, while being durable and long lasting.  We also purchase our Timothy Hay and Orchard Grass locally, from long time, trusted farmers.

We feel it is important for us to be a resource of information that our customers can turn to and trust for years to come.  This is why we provide all customers with a fact sheet of information to get started.  We also encourage all of our customers to continue to stay in touch and reach out with any and all questions, no matter how big or small and no matter how long you've owned one of our rabbits.  My husband and I firmly believe in sharing our knowledge and experience!

Rabbits make fantastic therapy animals, which is why we offer bunny therapy sessions at care homes, as well as, bunny spa events.  These bunny spa events are to help reduce the stress of everyday life for people, who want to relax, experience the love and calming effect of rabbits, without the long term commitment.  Find out more about our bunny therapy sessions and bunny spa days on our "Services" page.

However, here at Windy Hill Croft we believe that owning a rabbit is a rewarding and life changing experience.  These highly intelligent animals, will give you a lifetime of love and happiness if you give them the proper care and commitment.  So, if you are interested in showing rabbits, have a child wanting to get into 4-H, or simply want to have a loving indoor pet that hops around your feet for years to come, contact us and we can help pair you up with your perfect bunny! 

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